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The goal of the Prime Family Lab is to understand and support child mental health and development using a family framework. We examine how children's environments work together to influence their language, cognition, self regulation, behaviour, and mental health. Throughout projects, we emphasize the family context: what are the patterns of interaction between coparents, parents and children, siblings, and whole families that support or hinder children's well-being? What are the contextual factors that influence how family members relate to one another? Most importantly, how can we support families to build strong relationships and engage with one another in a way that promotes the well-being of children and their families?


Check out the results from a study on the Love Together

Parent Together

(L2P2) program!


Watch A SSHRC Storytellers Challenge Top 25 Finalist 


Responsive Parenting Programs

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Video by graduate student: Alexandra Markwell

Check Out Gillian Shoychet's published MA Thesis on COVID-19 Risk and Resilience

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