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We study all sorts of family relationships including parent-child, marital/couple, coparental, sibling, and whole-family dynamics. We examine multiple dimensions including responsiveness, communication, conflict, and cohesion. We are interested in how the social context impacts family relationships, as well as how families can come together in the face of risk to positively adapt and grow. 


We develop and evaluate evidence-based assessment, prevention, and intervention tools to guide programming and public health strategies. Overall, Dr. Prime is interested in applying bioecological models to clinical practice, while drawing on theories of family systems, attachment, and emotion.  


We are studying the mechanisms of family functioning in the context of COVID-19 stress. Our primary aim is to identify which aspects of the family system, family environment, and individual histories are most influential in predicting optimal psychological and behavioural outcomes in this context.


Dr. Prime utilizes methods of knowledge synthesis such scoping reviews and meta-analyses in order to systematically examine the existing literature related to family functioning and child development. Such synthesis activities are used to inform decision-making in policy and practice.

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