Prospective Graduate Students in Clinical-Developmental Psychology

Dr. Prime supervises MA- and PhD-level students in the Clinical Developmental program at York University. Interested students should apply through the program admissions website. Prospective students are encouraged to reach out to introduce themselves at the time of application; however, Dr. Prime will not hold meetings or interviews prior to applicants being short-listed with the program. If interested in working under the supervision of Dr. Prime, please indicate as such in your admissions package. 

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Each year, Dr. Prime considers taking on undergraduate students in the roles of thesis students, independent research project students, and/or research assistants. We are currently accepting applications for Summer, Fall, and Winter 2021-2022 IRPs and 2021-2022 honours thesis students. Interested students should email Dr. Prime (hprime@yorku.ca) to request an application form (deadline to submit: March 31, 2021). Candidates will be short-listed and interviewed based on aligned interests, relevant research experience, and grades.


If you are interested in learning more about our research program, applying to join the lab as a graduate student or research assistant, or any other inquiry, please contact Dr. Heather Prime, lab director, at hprime@yorku.ca. 

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