Alex is an honours psychology student at York University with a previous degree in film studies from Ryerson University. She joined the lab as a specialized honours thesis student before starting as the lab manager in September 2021. Alex is broadly interested in developmental and health psychology with a special interest in how to promote healthy development in children of at-risk families. She hopes to pursue this area of research in graduate school.

Alexandra Markwell

Lab Manager

Caren holds a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology at York University (Research Stream). Caren previous coordinated a large-scale systematic review and meta-analysis in the Prime Lab, and is now contributing to other systematic reviews as a research assistant. Caren is an MA student in Guelph's Graduate Program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology studying the causes and prevention of stigmatization and discrimination in the workplace. 

Caren Colaco

Research Assistant

Krysta Andrews_Picture.jpg

Dr. Krysta Andrews, RA

Krysta Andrews received a Master’s degree in Social Work (University of Toronto), a doctoral degree in Neuroscience (McMaster University), and she is currently pursuing a Postdoctoral Fellowship (McMaster University). She uses psychosocial (e.g. interpersonal relationships, family functioning), cognitive and neurobiological models (e.g. stress physiology, executive functions) to explore the mechanisms underlying the intergenerational transmission of trauma. Krysta is also interested in evaluating the efficacy of novel, evidence-based therapeutic programs for children and families

Veronica is currently pursuing her fifth year in the Specialized Honours Psychology program at York University. Veronica is interested in intimate relationships and how these relationships influence caregiving and child development. After her undergraduate studies, Veronica aspires to continue her passion for research at the graduate level. 

Veronica Benyamin

Volunteer RA


Olivia is a third-year student pursuing a Specialized Honours degree in Psychology. She is interested in the role of familial relationships and parenting in childhood deviancy and mental health. Olivia has experience teaching children with learning disabilities, anxiety, ADHD, speech delays, and autism through her roles as a swim instructor, dance instructor, and camp counsellor. She aspires to research at the graduate level and support vulnerable youth through early intervention strategies.

Olivia Honest

Volunteer RA