Research Team

Who We Are

Caren holds a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology at York University (Research Stream). Caren is the research coordinator for a large-scale systematic review and meta-analysis in the Prime Lab, examining positive parenting interventions targeting children's academic school readiness. She is passionate about advancing research on school readiness and educational practices, with previous experience managing studies on undergraduate statistical literacy and effective teaching strategies. Caren will be joining Guelph's Graduate Program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology this Fall to study the causes and prevention of stigmatization and discrimination in the workplace. 

Caren Colaco

Lab Coordinator

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Dr. Krysta Andrews, RA

Krysta Andrews received an undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Biology and a Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Toronto. She completed her doctoral degree in Neuroscience at McMaster University and is currently pursuing a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences. Krysta’s research interests focus on using psychosocial (e.g. interpersonal relationships, family functioning), cognitive and neurobiological models (e.g. stress physiology, executive functions) to explore the mechanisms underlying the intergenerational transmission of trauma. Krysta is also interested in evaluating the efficacy of novel, evidence-based therapeutic programs for children and families

Alexey Urusov, RA

Alexey holds a Specialized Hons. B.A. in psychology from York University and is starting a Clinical Psychology graduate program at the University of Waterloo in the fall. He is a research assistant at Prime Lab working on a systematic review examining parenting interventions targeting academic readiness. His research focuses on better understanding family interactions, substance use, and childhood development. His interest on parenting interventions developed during his work with Dr. Robert Muller examining the efficacy of Emotion Focused Family Therapy for improvement of children’s mental health. Since then he has aspired to better understanding family interactions and childhood development.  

Alex is an undergraduate psychology student at York University. She has a previous undergraduate degree in film studies from Ryerson University (2018). Alex recently completed her specialized honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Prime. Her thesis examined the effectiveness of responsive parenting interventions in enhancing children’s executive function and was explored via a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Alex’s research interests are broadly focused on supporting children’s healthy development during the early childhood period. She is particularly interested in parenting interventions and family interactions. She hopes to pursue this area of research in graduate school.

Alexandra Markwell

RAY Program RA

Katherine is an undergraduate psychology student in the Specialized Honours Program at York University. She is interested in the social determinants of health and social inclusion of marginalized individuals, most specifically, women and children. Katherine is hoping to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology with the intention of working in communities to promote resiliency and increase access to mental health care. In the Prime Family Lab, she hopes to better understand the ways mothers can be supported through various parenting interventions and how this can result in improvements in children’s mental health and future success. 

Katherine Mcguire, Volunteer