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Maya graduated from University of Rochester in 2020 and completed an honors thesis researching the impact of interparental conflict and sensitive parenting on children’s cognitive functioning. She is currently coordinating multiple studies in the lab, including the Love Together, Parent Together (L2P2) study, and a pilot feasibility study in collaboration with Sick Kids Centre for Community Mental Health. Maya is interested in family relationships and child mental health. She hopes to continue studying these topics in graduate school.

Maya Koven

Lab Coordinator


Olivia is an incoming fourth-year student pursuing a Specialized Honours degree in Psychology. She is interested in the role of familial relationships and parenting in childhood deviancy and mental health. She aspires to conduct research at the graduate level and support vulnerable youth through early intervention strategies.

Olivia Honest

IRP Student '22


Katherine is an undergraduate psychology student in the Specialized Honours Program. She is currently part of the coding team in he collaboration with McMaster University on the Making the Race Fair Study. She hopes to better understand the ways mothers can be supported through various parenting interventions and how this can result in improvements in children’s mental health and future success. She is hoping to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.

Katherine Mcguire

Research Assistant

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